# IT Outsourcing Services

IT Outsourcing that operates and has its Customers in SE Europe and Middle East.

IT Outsourcing Services

IT Security Outsourcing Services and IT Solutions Company

RNTrust (Formerly Recronet) is a leading ICT company in the area of networking, security, business solutions and outsourcing that operates and has its Customers in SE Europe and Middle East.

As a leading South East European IT Service and Outsourcing company has access to IT technical resources from South East Europe such as but not limited to:








Why Outsource Resources?

While the number of companies outsourcing their HR functions has increased, so has the number of those who are actively shopping around.

Market consolidation is another developing trend in the industry. And RNTrust (Formerly Recronet) knows that this consolidation of suppliers of HR outsourcing has been driven in part by the fact that suppliers often need to buy niche expertise that they lack and are unable to provide.

The top three reasons why outsourcing resources is practiced: 

Gaining outside expertise,

Improving service quality, and

Focusing on their core business.

Focus on Disciplined Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing Services

Our Sourcing Models

IT Outsourcing Models

Sourcing Services

You find whom you want and we put them on our payroll with a pre-agreed uplift
You have a special IT request and we do the research for you – we present you multiple candidates and you choose the relevant ones – we sign a fix term sourcing contract:


We find the right resource based on your specification and we bill a one-time recruitment fee – we give a 3 month guarantee after hiring (Replacement)

Outsource-Insource development or support

Per man/day or per hour billing. Specification based development – fix price. Mix of per hour based (during spec phase) and fix price (development phase)

Mix of HR service and
Sourcing service

We find the resource you are looking for but you don’t want to hire it upfront so we define a sourcing timeframe and a transfer cost to your payroll