SPITrust Coopera®

The Digital Signature, and Business Process Management Solution, can help your business transform digitally.

SPITrust Coopera solves the most common problem in digital transformation

Digital signature solutions are commonly lacking advanced workflows capabilities


BPM solutions are not focused on legally binding signatures.


With SPITrust Coopera®, we have closed that gap, opening an attractive future of combined compliance and agility.

Why Choose SPITrust Coopera, a "Customizable Workflow" Digital Signature Solution?

When selecting a BPM platform with digital Signature capabilities, look for one that is business-friendly, requires little to no coding, and allows users to build and manage their own processes without relying on IT. IT should own the platform and manage its administration and access. This is a win-win situation for both IT and business

The Road to the Digital Transformation starts here:​

SPITrust Coopera® provides powerful workflow management and an intuitive, BPMN 2.0 compatible, design studio for a tailormade solution.

The ECM module of SPITrust Coopera® provides a standard-based enterprise suite for managing all digital assets, including:

Secured Authentication

Process Management

Digital Signature

Customized Workflow Automation

Forms/Data Collection


"Flexible and Reusable Workflows"

Customize workflows

You may need to adapt your workflow to your specific needs. Every company and institution has a different work culture. By creating more specific and flexible workflows you can use digital signatures more effectively.

Legally Recognized

Documents like memos, contracts, purchase orders, etc., are legal instruments for organizations. Digital signatures inside SPITrust Coopera provide Integrity and Authenticity assurance with a non-repudiation guarantee. EIDAS Compliant such signatures are admissible as evidence in the court of law. Note: Local laws can have specific requirements regarding Digital Signatures.

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