# Token Management System

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Token Management System

What is a Card Management System? 
  • A Card Management System is a hub for applications that need to create content on the card
  • It ensures data provisioning to these apps by connecting to a user identity repository (e.g. enterprise LDAP server)
  • It maintains a database of smart card allowing the organization to manage them with user-friendly workflows
Token Management System

Roles of a Card Management System

Managing the card content

  • Technical initialization
  • Provisioning (querying the user identity repository)
  • Creation of initial content (creating content on the card, querying applications and importing application-created content on the card)

  • Creation of new additional content
  • Deletion of old content

  • Creation of new content to replace content that is going to expire
  • Deletion of old content

Recovery of escrowed data to a card

Managing PIN-related actions

Card content

  • Enforcing a PIN policy

  • Allowing to unlock smart cards without having to manipulate SOPIN codes
  • Managing card loss or theft

  • Notification to applications that created content on the card